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    Intrepid whiteness (Intrépida blancura)

    moderador de café poético
    moderador de café poético

    Masculino Mensajes : 8179
    Fecha de inscripción : 19/12/2009
    Localización : Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Humor : Muy gracioso en ocasiones súbitas, je

    Intrepid whiteness (Intrépida blancura)

    Mensaje por caminandobajolalluvia el Mar Dic 11, 2012 7:18 am

    Treasuring the night your eyes clear,
    Travel is immersed in your whiteness dew
    where the snow under your pure soul
    quieting crying burning love you.
    Oceanic your hands blush scarlet
    where the wind moves and whispers and calls
    the flame of your voice, and voice still calling you
    wherever your blush kills sapwood.

    Virtue in the abyss of my blind flight grows
    word senescence, no love
    to wear a helmet just bodes chest
    Your mystical outpouring of pure silver.
    Open your wings and the wind moves between
    reined in your hair the voice crying the sky
    and moves along the fly your ocean, your hair
    offends the radiance which supports ...

    And die slow wandering cravings rodeo
    dawn of suffocation cosmopolitan equidistant
    your mist to your peace, the ardor that moves the loop
    of calm in the affair and affair in the embrace ...
    Your feet of silk in one step anochecen
    unscathed from my walk, and back in amazement,
    your joy, meaning, your voice on my shoulder
    beats in its untamed splendor in case ...

    And rain on the jasmine calms and loves
    slow your joyful nightingale in the thicket
    cries where you are ephemeral, and discover the rush
    your eyes, heaven, two, who gravitate instantly.
    Nestled under the plectrum of your wings, and my shadow
    harasses sea green on the wing you treasure
    and plains on the sea and song that baffles me
    graces your virtue and light all the time ...

    Your foot moves the pen in the air dulls me
    and crying in my fierce tide broken
    subtle incense and chain call my bulwark
    wields with your eyes blind steps in my art.
    Light Cry, cry river cry wandering
    your chest in the ominous glow of my ship
    which gives my cry, my virtue, my voice Shipping
    heart to your heart beat more pressing ...

    From your laughter iridescent word not to call,
    my summer flower under your hair, voice sound ...

      Fecha y hora actual: Sáb Mar 17, 2018 6:01 pm